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I have the pfc jetliner yoke. I am trying to change button assignments. The yoke buttons work with fs but do not show up on the aassignment page. Nor is the test page showing anything when the buttons are pressed.

Can you tell me any more? When you say "yoke buttons work with FS", where are these shown where are they assigned?

I believe the PFC yoke, as a freestanding purchase, can be connected via game port or USB as a standard joystick connection, in which case nothing of mine has anything to do with it. Is your yoke connected via a digital throttle control system or Cirrus console or Jetliner console, and thence to the PC via a serial cable? If not then my PFC.DLL driver has nothing to do with it.

Please clarify. Not everything made by PFC is connected to FS through my program!



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Moved here from private message area, for continuity:


Thanks for your reply

The PFC jetliner yoke is USB. It operates fs. i.e. changes views etc. left, right and up!

Are you saying the pfc tab on fs has nothing to do with changing button assignments? Do you know how I change assignments?

The only time you'll get a PFC tab from anything I've written is if you install my PFC.DLL into the FS modules folder. This is a driver for a serial port connected digital control system made by PFC. It is not a standard joystick driver. Please refer to the documentation for the PFC.DLL. Right near the beginning you will find this clearly stated:

Introduction: what is PFC.DLL?

This program is a Microsoft Flight Simulator driver for the COM-port connected equipment produced by PFC Inc. It currently handles the following PFC products:

Any one control console out of these:

* Throttle Quadrant Console

* Cirrus II Console with built-in Jetliner, Beech or Mooney yoke

* Professional Flight Console, with or without hardware trim mechanism

* Jetliner Console with built in Avionics Stack and Jet-style “RIC” section

* Jet Cockpit, built to emulate a 737NG series aircraft

* PFC 737NG MCP with optional EFIS switch boxes and six-pack indicators

(The MCP can also be used in combination with one of the consoles provided the console is connected through the MCP and the latter is set to run at 9600 bps).

with the following connecting options:

* Rudder pedals, with digital or analogue toe brakes

* Avionics Stack, except for Jetliner console and Jet Cockpit, where it is built in

* Remote Instrument Controller (RIC), connecting to the separate Avionics Stack

* Separate yoke connected via the controller, except for the Jet Cockpit, Cirrus II and Professional Consoles, where one is built in

NOTE that this driver does not support Game Port connected controls, such as those also made and supplied by PFC. For Game Port connections you will need a normal joystick driver and will follow the standard installation and calibrations for joysticks in both Windows and Flight Simulator. The same applies to other USB connected controls.

A free-standing USB yoke is a standard joystick as far as Wnidows and FS are concerned. The driver for that is accessed via Game Controllers in Windows. Assignments in FS are handled by going to FS's "Options-Controls-Assignments".

Didn't it come with any instructions at all? What made you install my PFC.DLL?



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I installed the dll because it came with the yoke. The yoke came with diagram only.

That needs a complaint to PFC. Please write to them.

Your instructions are 49 pages long. It is not easy for someone not too well versed in these matters to cope with so much infomation

No, but the extract I quoted above is right near the beginning. I'd hope folks would at least look at the first page or so -- the rest is only for reference. Should I split it into a one-page "read this first" and then have all the rest separate? This has certainly not been necessary so far, in the four or five years it has been published.

Please just delete the PFC.DLL and its PFC.INI file, and discard the documentation and be done with it. ;-)



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