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FSUIPC and Google Earth

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Mr. Peter:

I have a registered copy of your FSUIPC ans WideFS.

I know that they are an interface for another softwares. Well, would be possible use the FS coordinates to put a dot (or an airplane simbol) over the scenery that Google Earth show?

My Google is instaled in a another PC that FS (they are linked in a home network).

Is it a dificult thing to do? A program, a software that would do this?

I am sorry my english and I am a doctor, I am not a software development and I dont have idea about program languages (things like Visual Basic... C++...).

Thank You very much

Rogerio K. Picada

Cruz Alta, RS, Brasil

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Sorry, just after put this question I found the another topic with the answer and the link to the program that I was talking about.

Glad you found the answer. Perhaps the author will ask Mr. Schiratti to put a link up on his "Peter Dowson" page (there is a long list of FSUIPC-using programs on the right-hand side).

(its possible delete this two messagens?)

It is possible, but I don't do such things unless they are offensive or duplicated. In any case it may help the next person who is looking ;-)



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