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widefs 5.5 and nav from ted wright

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Hi Peter.i have downloaded Ted Wright`s NAV for my laptop.

Also i have installed widefs vers.5.5 in my modules of fs2002[host] and on the laptop the [client] in the map of Nav.

I have installed Nav on the comp .where is fs2002 and maked a database as described in the turtual of Nav ,after that i copied the complete map of Nav to the laptop and put the clientfiles of widefs in that map and maked a shortcut to the desktop.

I use a registered version of fsuips vers.3.411.

So when i launched fs and after that widefs on the laptop in the screen of widefs a message appaers "wide fs client couldn`t run ".

Widefs say in the taskline that`s is connected.

As i launched Nav on the laptop it`s say that it could`t find fs.

Did i need a registered version of wide fs?

I send you hereby the filelog.

********* WideClient.DLL Log [version 5.50] *********

Date (dmy): 19/09/05, Time 10:41:23.966: Client name is BOXY-1960

66344 Attempting to connect now

67937 Trying TCP/IP host "lodewijks" ...

67937Okay, IP Address =

67937 Connection made okay!

70219 Connection closed by server!

70219 Ready to try connection again

70250 Attempting to connect now

70250 Connection made okay!

81594 Connection closed by server!

81594 Ready to try connection again

81656 Attempting to connect now

81656 Connection made okay!

118234 New Client Application: "Nav" (Id=3480)

203906 Reception maximum achieved: 1 frames/sec, 20 bytes/sec

203906 Reception average achieved whilst connected: 0 frames/sec, 11 bytes/sec

203906 Max receive buffer = 29, Max send depth = 0

203906 ********* Log file closed (Buffers: MaxUsed 1, Alloc 207 Freed 207 Refused 0) *********

Thank`s for taking your time,regards Edward.

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Also i have installed widefs vers.5.5 in my modules of fs2002[host] and on the laptop the [client] in the map of Nav.

Sorry, there is no way I can support such an old version of WideFS (three years I think). The current version is 6.50. I don't think you can run WideFS 5 on any FSUIPC 3.xxx version in any case.

Also, if it is WideServer which says it can't run, it is the WideServer.LOG file which is relevant, not the client one.



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