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FSUIPC CH Products Throttle Strange Behavior

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I had to re-install my system after a terrible crash. I got everything back up and running with the exception of the fourth throttle lever which I can not program with FSUIPC 3.5.

On the page to calibrate the throttles I can do all but the fourth. After I reset the fourth I can then set either the rev, idle, or max. When I go to set either of the remaining settings I get a ding sound and the pervious setting is added rather than the next setting.

Has anyone had this happen or have any suggestions?



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Hi Charles,

I'm not sure what the FSUIPC interaction is, but since it's the 4th lever you should check the Sensitivity and Null Zone settings in Flight Sim. FS will default the 4th lever to 0% sensitivity. It will let you assign it, but then it won't move the control surface. Anyway, make sure all 6 axes are maximum sensitivity and minimum null zone.

Best regards,

- Bob

The StickWorks


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Thanks for responding. I visited your site. It is nice.

To calibrate the fourth lever, I checked to see that sensitivity was set to high. I then checked to see if FS9 had assigned that axis. I deleted the axis and re-selected it with FS9. I went back into FSUIPC and turned on the filter for that lever (I don't know why - just figured I'd try it). Well, whether the filter had anything to do with it or not it worked. Incidently, you helped me before so I was aware of the sensitivity issue. Thanks again!


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