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WideClient does´nt connect - Connect refused

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Hi Pete,

1. sorry for my English (i+m from Austria and my English is´nt perfekt at all)

2. I have 2 PC



Installation on Server:


FSUIPC V and registered (although there is shown V 3.40, when you open it in the FS Menu)

WideServer.dll V and registered


Installation on Client

WideClient.exe V


You will see the logfile error

Error on client pre-Connection Select() [Error=10061] Connection refused

I hope you can help me



WideFs Zip.zip

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FSUIPC V and registered (although there is shown V 3.40, when you open it in the FS Menu)

If it says it is 3.40 it is 3.40. Please update to 3.50 (or wait till tomorrow (Friday) when 3.51 will be released).

I cannot support version 3.40. You must update!

I would also need to see the WideServer Log, but at first glance "connection refused" is most likely to be due to a firewall.


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1. the FSUIPC.dll is V3.5 (see atteched file WideFS 2)

2. see the screenshot, whre it shows V 3.4.0 (see atteched file WideFS 3 in the next mail)

The FSUIPC you supplied in your ZIP is certainly version 3.50, but the version you have installed in FS is most certainly 3.40!

You either have two FS installations and you are looking in the wrong one, or you are not following the very clear installation instructions for FS modules and placing them in the FS Modules folder!

3. Firewalls on both PC´s are inaktive

Well, you must look to find what is blocking WideClient access to your server then.

4. there is no WideServer logfile

If there is no WideServer LOG file in the FS modules folder, then you have NOT installed WideServer -- that would certainly prevent WideClient connecting!

PLEASE PLEASE READ the installation instructions for my programs. They are very short. They predominantly consist of "copy the DLL into the FS Modules folder". You have evidently not done this simple one-step procedure!



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Hi Pete,

I´m really sorry - you´re absolutly right.

I did´nt recogognize that "module" is a folder - I just thought module means folder - so I just did the dll´s in the wrong folder.


Thanks a lot - and sorry you wasted your time with my "English problems"

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