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... sorry to be such a dumb ass believe it or not I have never come accross this before

No, no, sorry, I didn't mean to imply it was any fault of yours. It's a recurring problem on the Internet, and it varies a lot from ISP to ISP.

The problem derives from the habit of ISP servers caching popular files to save obtaining them for each request. The should check reasonably frequently whether the file has actually changed (eg by timestamp), but it apears some do this much less often than others -- in an extreme case it might take a day or two for them to catch up! There's not a lot we can do apart from possibly rename the file each time (eg FSUIPC351.zip), but that then breaks a lot of links helpful folks have placed on other websites.



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Pete I have taken no offence by what you said in the post! I am with AOl and they are very slow at everything except taking your money - having said that I do like their unlimited download.

What I really appreciate with yourself and people like the guys at ActiveSky and one or two other developers is the dedication you show to the hobby with all the updates at regular intervals. The technicalities of them mean nothing to me (I am a computer novice in terms of programming) except I know I need the latest edition of FSUIPC to keep abreast of all the addons.

Many thanks


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