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FSUIPC connects, why not Windows?

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hi guys,

i just got my main pc back from the shop after the power unit was replaced... it was making funny noizes. when i started both my main and widefs pc up i came accross a problem that is described here: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=177078

however, when i run WideFS it works..... all the applications connect without any problems, except for ActiveSky6 of course which wants to know where the main FS folder is on the main pc.....

i have tried all that microsoft wants me to try to solve this, but without any luck.

VATSIM software works great since it works via FSUIPC but IVAO does not. my question is (if anyone can help me solve this of course :)), how can FSUIPC make a network connection to my main pc, but i am unable to map a network drive via explorer?

i have uninstalled any anti-virus software and such, reset my router and so on..... but nothing. 1 remarkable twist though, before i disconnected it (wanted to try a reconnect after), i was still able to use a networked EXTERNAL drive from the main pc, but not the internal drives. but after disconnecting, no luck we the remapping of it.....

can anyone help? as far as my reason for posting in the forum, just curious to know why FSUIPC CAN make a connection, but windows can't. thanks in advance!

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problem solved

after the reconnection of my main pc to the router, it got a different IP address. this was causing the problem. after reconnecting in the previous order, all pc's had their previous IP address' and all was fixed. strange problem though. MS blames it on Anti-Virus software, but this was a router issue.

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how can FSUIPC make a network connection to my main pc, but i am unable to map a network drive via explorer?

FSUIPC doesn't use Networks at all. You mean WideFS.

WideFS isn't making folder-to-folder connections at all, it is using the TCP/IP or IPX/SPX protocol to talk across your Network -- program-to-program, not program-to-file.

The other things you mention are all to do with Windows Explorer and its file sharing facilities. I'm afraid that's an area I know little about. I use it of course, but I'm stumped if it goes wrong.

I did run across problems recently with "too many connections" failures in Networked file access. It seems that Windows XP is deliberately limiting how many connections you have to to any one PC. It is up to 5 with WinXP and 10 in WinXP. It seems if you need more connections to the file system that that you have to buy Windows Server. If you have mapped folders or drives, then each may represent at least one connection -- I don't tend to use them much, I just point the program to the folder via the normal explorer-type views. Then the connection is only counted whilst it is being used.



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