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Radar contact trouble for fs 2004

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I am having alot of problems with the av display for radar contact .I have the patch installed for fs 2004.Ready here we go.1> Av dis will ONLY work in full screen mode.If not when it is on nothing works on screen.I cannot get the other windows to pop up IE gps, radio ect,and the cockpit display will not work ie n1 does not show any increase in throttle,my throttles work and can here the eng revving up,but it does not show up in n1.Also nothing else shows up as working either.When I close out av display everything works fine.That is the least of my problems.2>In any mode the picture is not as sharp as before I installed Radar contact v4.I don't know why all I know is that is not.I have uninstalled it and fs 2004 to test it and sure enough the fs screen cockpit ect. is much sharper.Then when I install radar contact v4 again same thing it get alittle fuzzy.I can live with that I guess.Don't like it but oh well.3>In full screen mode when I look left right or any direction the picture jitters and shutters like its trying to show the cockpit screen.I can see it trying to poke through.This I cant stand.I hate that.It looks so fake.Also in the av display screen the words shake and go on off all the time.I have a new computer with the latest drivers.Is it because of the 2004 patch?Is there a patch for the av display?I would love to try radar contact out but I wont like this.I cant fly like this.I would rather use fs default atc over this because it interacts well with the screens unlike this av display.Any help would be GREATLY app. keith :-[

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I am having alot of problems ...

Sorry, I just couldn't read all of your single extremely long paragraph. Please, next time you write to me try to break it up a little so it is readable.

Your problem sounds like one already covered here in another thread. I think it turned out to be video driver problems. Certainly, if it is AdvDisplay that concerns you (you don't actually say anywhere, I had to guess) there is nothing in it which can have those effects -- it is all a video driver problem.

I'll see if I can find the other thread. Stand by ...


Right. See these threads:



The second actually showed a solution found, thus:

After some more experimenting, it seems that running my video card on AA 8xS is the culprit -- the AF does not seem to matter.

I don't know if that will apply to you, but certainly either a change of video drivers or finding better settings will fix it. I think you are just on the edge of the cards capabilities with your settings and adding one more Windows takes it over the top.



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