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Using FS2004 GPSout with Anywhere Map XP

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I am trying to use Anywhere Map XP installed on my laptop as a moving map with FS2004 GPSout. Both computers are on my LAN. I have tried Port=WideFS and can get both computers connected and have selected COM6 in both Anywhere Map XP GPS settings and Wideclient.ini on the laptop but NOGPS warning showes in the XP program.

Odd that you make no mention of having installed he MixW pair of virtual serial ports on the laptop?

There's absolutely no way that the same COM port can be used by two programs simultaneously -- only one program can get a single serial port at a time. There has to be two ports, one for WideClient to send the data on and the other for your map program to read the data from. Normally these would have to be real ports with a cable linking the two, but the MixW program I provided does this by "pretend" ports ("virtual" ports) and links them by software.

Please read the GPSout and WideClient documentation through again. It really looks as if you've skipped some important points.



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I sure appreciate your providing me with help. My previous message was in error I was using a pair of virtual ports (5&6) on the laptop with COM5 in Wideclient.ini and COM6 in the GPS setting in Anywhere Map XP which did not work. I was using another program for establishing the virtual ports. After reading your reply I delelted the other virtua port program and used MixW as you suggested. It worked fine. I had to choose COM10 and COM11 for the pair as other lower ports are arrarently reserved for Bluetooth on my laptop. Thanks again Pete.

Bill Roche

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