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FSUIPC & WideFS Problems


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Hi you guys.

Name's Shaun, and I am HIGHLY confused!!!!!!!!

Very fond of flying, but got grounded due to medical reasons.

Dicided to join the AVSIM community. Went out and bought FS2004. Had to Beef up my PC (Old, slow, etc)

Current System: Intel DXV 925, 3.2 HT, 1024 DDR2, nVidia 256Mb 6600, 2 X 17" CRD's, 2 X 300Gig SATA (RAID 0) 512 ADSL (Router with specified IP's) running XP SP2. Both monitors run in dual mode with Xp, Photoshop, Edius 3 (realtime editing with DV Storm 2 & Bay) NO problems

FS9 however, only run on the no 1 monitor. Expeted that FS9 do not run in dual mode. Got bored with the planes inside Fs9. Start looking, and bought PC 12 from Flight 1. After about 200Hr's with it, got bored with the weather, and bought ASv6. Run well on same system, on monitor 2. Enjoy the Realtime weather. After browsing, bought the AEROWORX K/A 400. very well build as well as options for servicing. Really enjoy that.

Started reading about Dual monitors, and also downloaded "WIDEVIEW" Also see in the documentation it is more for 2 Pc's and not for Dual view. Went further and got FUIPC and WideFS. (Registred)

Installed WideFS on my laptop, no problem. did everything as stated in the documentation.

Heres my problem: Run WideClient on WideFS system. Run FS9 on main system. BOTH SYSTEMS SYSTEM STATE CONNECTED!!!!! Run ASv6 on WideFS system. It can download weather, save it to the FS9 system, but DO NOT CONNECT TO FS9???????????

Now +/- $1000 later (On software alone) Still haven't got Dual View in FS9, and do not get ASv6 connected to FS System, allthough ir save to the FS system????????

When attempting support for FUIPC and WideFS, got reffered to this forum

Can FS9 run in dual view on 1 system???? If so, please assist me!!

Why do AVs6 not connect to FS9, allthough WideClient connects, and all other connections like mapping, Internet browsing etc works 100%

Please assist me in my quest to continue enjoying my passion as real as possible!!


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