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FSUIPC and CH Flightsim yoke

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I have bought FSUIPC for the reasen that I would use it to make reverse with my yoke. In the guide for FSCUIPC the following are written on page 36:

ADDITIONAL AXIS CONTROLS (Reverser, Trims and Cowl Flaps)

In additional to these “official” FS axes, FSUIPC allows assignments to be made for JET THRUST REVERSERs (a single one for all engines, or up to four separate reverser axes), an AILERON TRIM axis, a RUDDER TRIM and up to four COWL FLAP axes. These are all on Pages 7 and 8 of the Joystick Options (Page 11 for the 4 reversers). Normally you would have to edit the FSUIPC.INI file to assign otherwise unused FS axis controls for these to be used. However, in the case of the Jet Reversers, these are so useful that FSUIPC by default assigns the AXIS_MIXTURE_SET control to the single reverser, and the four separate AXIS_MIXTUREn_SET controls to the individual reversers. These are the standard mixture levers you would use on Prop and Turbojet aircraft. There are a separate checkboxes for the single and multiple reversers that you can check to have the lever(s) operating for reversing only when a Jet aircraft is in use. Note that the reversing action is interlocked to the throttle(s). They must be idling before reverse will engage—all of them for the single reverser, but just the relevant engine throttle for the separate reversers.

Using the two trim controls on Page 7, or any of the cowl flap axes on Page 8, will need editing in the FSUIPC.INI file, and this is described in the Advanced Users Guide.

I have done that, but nothing has happend what so ever.


Can somebody help me?

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I want to achieve that one of the controls on my yoke can be used as reverser. In Your text in the guide following sentence is written: However, in the case of the Jet Reversers, these are so useful that FSUIPC by default assigns the AXIS_MIXTURE_SET control to the single reverser. My FSUIPC has not assign anything. If I try to follow the guide and on page 7: Reverser and other trims I have in the: Options for this page - put a mark in the box: Reverser for jets only.

I hope that You now can see what my problem is?



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I hope that You now can see what my problem is?

No, not yet.

First, have you assigned the axis you want to use a the Reverser lever to the main FS Mixture? Do this is FS's own assignments. Make sure it is working for the mixture first. Only then go into FSUIPC's options and set the Reverser action.

As an alternative, if you wish, you can try the latest Interim version of FSUIPC (3.536, available above). In the new version you can actually assign axes directly in FSUIPC. For the Reverser you can choose to assign your axis for direct operation into FSUIPC's Calibrations of the reverser. If you do this, be sure not to also assign the same axis to anything in FS.



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