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i m using GFDisplay 1.10 version but i have a problem. i ve prog. my GF-45 module but in wich way i set rotary knoobs for switch functions?!? i have read manual but ...ops.. i dont understand the way....

Sorry, I don't understand the question here. What are you asking? What do you want to do? What in the documentation do you not understand? You need to be specific.

When I write documentation I try very hard to explain things the best I know how. In the case of GFdisplay I added many examples too, any of which are directly usable. I don't know what you expect me to do here -- there is no point in repeating the documentation, you have it, and as that is my best explanation it wouldn't be any different now, would it?

If there's something specific you want to ask, do so, but I cannot answer general questions like "I understand nothing so please do it all for me". Sorry.



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i try to explain... this is my GF-$% GFDisplay.ini conf:


Needs=V16 B E A


D0.1=C12 ="COM1"

D0.2=C13 ="COM2"

D0.3=C14 ="NAV1"

D0.4=C15 ="NAV2"

D0.5=C16 ="ADF1"

D0.6=C17 ="ADF2"

D0.7=C18 ="TPDR"

D1.1=C12 X34E R2

D1.2=C13 X3118 R2

D1.3=C14 X350 R2

D1.4=C15 X352 R2

D1.5=C16 X34C R1

D1.6=C17 X2D4 R1

D1.7=C18 X354 R0

How i set my knoobs of my GF-45 module for switch functions?(COM1 to COM2 COM2 to NAV1 ...etcetc ???

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this is my GF-$% GFDisplay.ini conf:


But this is for a GF-46. It appears simply to be a copy of the GF46 example I supply in the package.

How i set my knoobs of my GF-45 module for switch functions?(COM1 to COM2 COM2 to NAV1 ...etcetc ???

Knobs and switches are not handled by "GFdisplay", which is solely concerned with displays -- hence its name! Knob and switch programming has always been provided in FSUIPC.

If it is a GF46 as you imply above, then the example in the FSUIPC_Buttons.INI does the job. If it is actually a GF45 you will need to change your GFdisplay INI and adapt the GF46 example to operate with your GF46 button numbers. I don't know what they are (I don't have the G equipment any more), but you'll find out very quickly in FSUIPC when it responds (see the Bottons options page).


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