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Got same values on pitch and bank of the Attitude Indicator?

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i tried the Attitude Indicator values with MFC:

double pitch;
double bank;
// Retrieve Attitude Indicator pitch
FSConnection.ReadAndProcess(0x2F70, 8, &pitch);
int data1=pitch;
// Retrieve Attitude Indicator bank
FSConnection.ReadAndProcess(0x2F78, 8, &bank);
int data2=bank;

Both of them show me the pitch values. Is there something wrong ?

best regards,


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Both of them show me the pitch values. Is there something wrong ?

Please check with FSInterrogate and/or the Logging and Monitor facilities in FSUIPC. All the tools are there, at your disposal, to do these checks yourself. i cannot debug things from here.


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of course i first looked at the ingame onscreen logging before

i wrote this text, but I forgot to write :)

Also I dont told u that i am using FS2000.

There are two values that (i think so) are not correct.

First the "Attitude Indicator bank" (pitch is ok, bank is same as pitch in FS2000).

The second is the "Turn Coordinator Ball" Offset 036E.

The TCB will show me Zero in FS2000 and the right working value in FS2004.

The Turn Rate works excellent in both games.

I will try to get the english version. Perhaps it is an language problem.

U know: there are also two different patches available.

beste reards,


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Okay. You are lucky! I found the bank value -- it is stored in SIM1.SIM in the double before the pitch value, not the one after. I have remapped it (in FS2000 only).

As I mentioned, this has been wrongly mapped forever (I mean for the whole life of FSUIPC). Obviously it hasn't been very important to many! ;-)

The coordinator ball is fine though.

The fix for FS2000 wil be in 3.60, hopefully on release this weekend.



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Yes, i am very happy to meet someone like u, which

offers many time for this great work.

The pause indicators, crash indicators and "ready to fly" indicators

are very usefull to stop my motion simulator.

Also we could splitt the signals from ground to inflight via ground flag.

So we are able to use maximum realism sliders full right and minimize

movement on the runnway.

Best regards,


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