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Please can someone help me (posted elsewhere as well as here

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Hi Jon

Thank you for replying.

So I need WideFS, WIdeView and FSUIPC on the main PC. Do I have to have another copy on the slave PC?

Do I do a full install of Flight Sim on BOTH PC's?

Sorry for the many questions, but something in my mind trells me that it should not be this difficult.

many thanks


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The documentation that comes with WIDEFS is written in gobbledegook and is probbly technically quite perfect for a technical engineering professor of applied sciences.

Thanks for that insult. It is a sure fire way of getting help. And I am neither of those things, I've not even got a degree. I'm just a very old programmer.

In any case WideFs needs almost no configuration whatsoever these days. It's been improved to the point of install and run.

I dont see what part FSUIPC plays and why I had to buy it.

You shouldn't have bought it then.

I hope somewone else helps you, because with your attitude you are not likely to get any from me!



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Yes it was not an insult, but designed to do something, of which I hoped, would be sufficient to compliment the questions posed with a realistic answer. You create and sell the stuff and then back off when some one asks, 'HOW'.... Why do you do that?

You did not ask "HOW", you just launched into an insufferable barrage which I found quite insulting and not in any way inducing one to answer kindly. If you browse some of the threads here you will find I answer questions as helpfully as I can. You apparently came here to rant and rave, not really to seek any guidance.

If you look back on your messages perhaps you may see that -- imagine you or your projects are the object of your own outbursts. I have worked full time on these programs now since FS98 days, and not earned one penny until I nearly went broke in the year FS2004 was released. I have never wanted to "sell" just develop and support, but circumstances forced the issue.

I want to run a simple program, FS9, over two PC's and have one maintain the instruments and the other, to run the basic simulator.

FS9 is nothing remotely like a "simple program" I assure you. And it was never designed to do what you want of it. Maybe the next version will. Perhaps you came into this at the wrong time.

Almost everything outside of FS's base capabilities has been produced by third parties and for the most part with no help from Microsoft. When I look around at what has been achieved with what Microsoft provides I am constantly amazed, yet you come along and deride it all as "simple" and wonder why everything for it is not too.

Anyway, to answer your question, if all you want to do is have views on one screen and instruments on the other, just make sure your main PC has a video card which supports two monitors, then discard the second PC, attach its monitor to the first, and simply undock the panel parts and move them over to that monitor. You need nothing of mine nor any other add-ons, and it'll all run just as fast, better, in fact, than with two PCs.

from what I understand on your web site

I don't have a Web site. If you mean Enrico Schiratti's page where he provides my software, that is a service he provides, for downloads. It in no way tries to explain what any of the packages do. The problem is that you are starting from the wrong end. You need to decide what applications you want to run, and then see what they need to support them. My programs are background, they are tools for other programs and do little useful on their own.

you build an application called WideFS that allows me to do that. After getting hold of WideFS, I find that I have to purchase yet another of your applications.(FSUIPC)

There you go again! :-(. That is most certainly completely untrue! Where on Earth are you getting this stuff? You do NOT need to purchase FSUIPC to use WideFS! You only need to install it. Purchase gives loads of other benefits, which you don't even have to read about (it would presumably only confuse you).

On the first page of the supporting documentation you state…


Where in that statement is ‘How to use this?’

It isn't in that BOXED note -- the ordering of things in the documentation is deliberate, besed on the misunderstandings which have occurred over the years. WideFS is now in its 10th year and a lot of learning and experience has gone into the way those important parts are presented. You appear to choose to quote things out of context to distort this.

Here is what it won’t do, not what it can do or how to do it.

Exactly, because folks, not unlike you it seems, constantly assumed it would run FS internals or do the job WidevieW does. From experience I judged it best to get all of the warnings right up front, because 90% of folks never read much further, even if they read that far. Most folks just install, try things, THEN think of reading the manual. This is even worse if they've paid and find out they can't do what they thought.

Believe me, the order is correct and for very good reasons. If you don't like it, don't use it, but please don't come here with these attitudes. I can help if you ask for help, but I'm not going to take unjustifiable criticism apparently spoken out of ignorance.

Please do come back if you decide to be more friendly in your attitudes. I cannot deal with you otherwise. Sorry.


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Would that not lead one to suspect you had a vested interest in either the construction, content or presentation of the page? Therefore, it would be reasonable believed, that it could be described as 'your page'.

Actually I have nothing to do with it apart from supplying the ZIPs for upload, as I, in fact, do for around 50 other sites. Enrico is the only one who actually gathers all my stuff onto one page, which is very nice of him, and this is the reason I refer folks there in many places. He does in fact imply this on the page, thus:

I had been searching for a link to Peter's WideFS following a request, and I had some trouble finding the newest postable version of his software. Ok, I could have easily found it on Compuserve, but it should be easily found on the Internet as well. We use Peter's programs and documentation quite extensively with Project Magenta, it was and is most valuable to us.

However, this is a minor point. We should forget it and not argue about it, that's silly.

The words you use to describe the need to register and have FSUIPC similarly registered, and that I understand most clearly, is a 'pay for' solution.

There you are again! What a frustrating person you are. Please read things a little more carefully and don't add your own words. No where, in anything to do with WideFS, does it say or imply the need to have FSUIPC registered. To use WideFS you only need to register it, but that is done IN FSUIPC as WideFS has no user interface at all of its own.

No one has ever made the mistakes you are making, so it seems you are almost deliberating setting out to be awkward. I don't find this interesting or amusing, and I am not going to be drawn into any more silly and unproductive conversations with you if you persist.

I have been unable to identify where it says, 'You can use this for free'. I have since realised, that it is FSUIPC that is needed to run FS Navigator

No, that is another total untruth. FS Navigator has never used FSUIPC and doesn't need it at all.

The rest of your message, another overlong and unnecessary diatribe, is not worth answering. You have your views and you obviously like to expound upon them at length. In total here you are fast approaching the length of some of my documents which you despise with so much venom.

Good bye. I am simply not allowing myself to be tempted by any more of your nonsense.


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