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Control loading system

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I need to capture the force on the controls (elevator, ailron, rudder) to drive a control loading system. I use FS2004 and FSUIPC.

Is that possible ?

Er .. what measures force on a control? I don't understand. If you just mean the value of the axis, then of course it is available in FSUIPC -- see the list of variables in the FSUIPC SDK.



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Well these are the forces you feel on the yoke for example if you plane is not properly trimmed. Simulating this with a torque driven actuator greatly add to realism.

Sorry, now it is you misunderstanding me .

I meant HOW are you measuring those forces? What information are you providing or expecting?

There are force feedback facilities in FS, but I really don't know anything about those, and from what I've heard they don't do anything for you in this case.

With typical sim controls (joysticks or yokes) the trimming merely allows you to remove your hands -- the pressure on these devices is provided by springs, trying to force the control back to centre. This is not "proper trimming" the way you mean -- so in the end it all comes down to the controls you are using. How are YOU providing the force?

I cannot answer questions without understanding what you are asking. The way flight sim is with normal commercially available controls, the "in trim" setting is the one which allows you to fly in the attitude you want with the controls centred -- i.e. giving zero deflection. So, for such controls you can assume it is always out of trim when the deflection has to be held at any other point. the force needed to do so depends entirely on the springs in the controls you are using.



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