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Question about reading offsets from GP:

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This question was posted as a private message, but it is a normal Tech Support question so I am answering it here:

Here are the Offsets that I want to use in my program (VB6)

My variables are

Dim auitempair As Long

Dim auieng1 As Long

Dim auiheure As Long

Dim auiminute As Long

FSUIPC_Read(&HE8C, 4, VarPtr(auitempair), dwResult) for read theTemperature at the FL cruise in °C

I have write Label17 = Int(auitempair / 256), but it's not good, I have a résult like that 180165245.

This is because, as clearly documented, the value at 0E8C is only 2 bytes long, whilst you are reading 4 bytes -- the two high bytes are being filled in with the value from offset 0E8E.

Only read the sizes as documented. Set your 4-byte Int or Long values to zero BEFORE reading so that the top bytes are known to be zero. Either that, or read them into a short (16-bit) integer, if your language supports such a thing.

FSUIPC_Read(&H898, 4, VarPtr(auieng1), dwResult) for read the coef N1 of the engine 1 in % (like 24% for example)

I have write Label19 = auieng1, but it's not good, because I have, when the engine1 is running the result 3973.

Same problem.

FSUIPC_Read(&H238, 4, VarPtr(auiheure), dwResult) for read the actual hour in FS like 9 hour or 20 hour

I have write Label21 = auiheure, but I have not a number between 0 - 23, the result is like that 70225698

FSUIPC_Read(&H239, 4, VarPtr(auiminute), dwResult) for read the actual minute of the hour in FS

I have write Label23 = auiminute, but like the hour I have not a good result, because I have 802367894.

These are also the same, only worse, because these values are only 1 byte long.

PLEASE take proper note of the lengths of each value. They are all documented for a good reason!



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