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I have installed FS2002 and Carrier Ops on a new Dell Compputer and am unsure how to obtain the required key to enable the catapult & arrester cables to work. The FSUIPC is version 3.0 . Please advise.

1. FSUIPC 3.0 is far too old for me to support (3 years now). The current version is 3.65. Please review the announcements at the top of this Forum.

2. I very much doubt that any FS2002 dated program will have correct access to FSUIPC 3 in any case -- does it say in its documentation that it works with FS2004? If so, then they presumably have an access key for it. If not, then you have no option other than to buy a user registration for FSUIPC 3.xxx, or maybe to try to find a very old copy of FSUIPC (I think 2.975 was the last one for FS2002, nearly 4 years ago).

3. Your proper recourse for support for any third party application program is to the suppliers and/or makers of that progam. I'm afraid I couldn't possibly even consider supporting all of the thousands of add-ons out there that may or may not use FSUIPC, let alone those from years ago.




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