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Cant find values for helicopter govnr incr/decr

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Hi everyone,

I am building a helicopter cockpit and on my collective I am assigning a gov switch for incr/decr using a 3 way switch 1/o/2 .

I am using Phidgets for the board.

I printed out the FSUIPC list that came with the Phidgets software.

I can see the description of GOV INCR and DECR in FSUIPC in FS9,

but that wont read my switch going through Phidgets.

If I can get the values needed I can make it work.

I have killed half my day trying to get this to work.

Appreciate any help here.

Kind regrds


I do have the latest ver and registered.


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Not sure if I can help.

I'm not really clear on what you are needing. Sounds like you have a switch, and FS9 can't "see" it.

If FS9 can't see it, seems you have to fix that first.

Then, assign whatever keypress/button it generates assigned to:

Increase/Decrease Helo Gov Beep (in FSUIPC)

or the same in FS9's assignment dialog.


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As well as what Patrick says, if it's an offset you need to change rather than a button or key to program, look at offset 2DC6. A simple search through the Programmer's guide (from the FSUIPC SDK) on the word "governor" would have found it straight away -- that's all I did. ;-)



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Thankyou for the the answer..but I have to ask where is this "programers guide"? Is this the list with all of the values for FS FUNCTIONS?.

Mine did not list governor if were both talking about the same thing.

Thats why Im here writing this. :wink:

Where can I find this file? Mabe mines outdated?

Much appreciated.

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Thankyou for the the answer..but I have to ask where is this "programers guide"?

As I said, it's in the FSUIPC SDK. All information about programming ands interfacing to FSUIPC is in the SDK. That's what it is for. and it is on the Schiratti site, as it always has been, with all my other FS programs.



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