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VB - How to write key automatically to FSUIPC

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How do I incorporate the reg key in my VB application to be written automatically to FSUIPC?

Please see the Access Registration document in the FSUIPC SDK. There are two automatic methods -- three if you count the two ways of including it in the Version Info.


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I obviously saw that but in VB I am unfimiliar how to add a Special build description field to the version info dialog, with the key as the value.

If VB doesn't support all the standard fields, surely it does "Comments"? It should be easy and need enough to add "FSUIPC Key=xxxxxxxxxxxx" to the end of whatever other comments you want to include. The key must be the LAST 12 characters, that's all.

This seems a VB specific problem. I cannot get a read instruction to work let alone a write one.

Is this is why you've not tried writing the Key to offset 8001?

I'm afraid i can't really help with VB. Others will, I'm sure, but I think you will get on faster if you get more specific. Show some code for the other VB folks to correct for you.



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Call FSUIPC_WriteS(&H8001&, Len(fsuipckey), fsuipckey, dwResult) '

Call FSUIPC_Process(dwResult)

where fsuipckey is a string containing the key (no spaces), concatenated with a null


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All you need todo is goto the "Project" file menu, then select

"Project1 Properties" ...... "Project1" being the name of your project...

Then select the "Make" tab from the top and enter your required details in below with the selected fields...

I cant remember which goes where, just know when i did use visual basic i used this method....

Remember you cant "run" your project and expect it to work, You "Must" compile it to the ".exe" file.

If you run it from visual basic, it will run under the "Visual basic, vb6.exe" name and this is different to your key...

That should be all that is needed???

Been while since i've delt with the visual basic app register stuff...

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