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FSUIPC not working.

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Hi, i have a problem using FSUIPC i first mailed someone from http://www.flyabb.com and he told me (after a few mails)

to ask you what is wrong. Below are the mails between me and Ramon Dormans from flyabb. (the lowest mail is the first mail)

Unfortunately it is impossible from what you supply to actually extract what your problem really is. You don't say. The only two clues are these:

Ah, but I needed to remove that file from the modules folder because FS2004 doesn't work anymore when that file is in the modules folder. It gives an error that there is a duplicate file


But after clicking on yes FSAcars crashes, it says the program crashed and if i want to continue the log. I press yes, and now the program completely crashes. How can i make it work?

Now the latter is completely nothing to do with me. If someone else's program crashes, then it must be sorted out by the author or publisher. Nothing in any of my programs can force another to crash -- that is all within that program's control. It is an error.

The former case, duplicate copies of FSUIPC running, can occur in several ways:

1. Having more than one copy of FSUIPC.DLL in the modules folder. For this to occur one of them must have been renamed. NEVER rename any of the DLLs and leave them in the Modules folder. The FSUIPC files which are found in the Modules folder should be:


2. Some folks have reported that modules placed in the main FS folder also get loaded, so check there too. Personally I've never been able to verify this.

3. Some add-ons cause FS to stay running in the background even after you close it down and it looks as if it has gone completely. When this happens, and you load FS again, FSUIPC detects the other version still running and you again get the 'duplicate' error. It is impossible for FSUIPC to run twice on the same PC, because of the interface for applications. Hence the report.

To check for this error, next time you get "duplicate" use the Windows task manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del) to look at the Process list (not the Applications). If there is one (or more) copies of the FS EXE (FS9.EXE for FS2004) listed, that's your problem. forcibly close it from the Task Manager and try again.

In future please tell me the VERSION of FSUIPC you are using, and maybe even show me the text in the FSUIPC.LOG file.



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I would also suggest you look at the FS9.exe. Right mouse click on the FS9.exe in the main FS folder and click on Properties, then click on the Version tab.

If the version is anything other than

You do NOT have the current FS9.1 upgrade patch installed and this can also cause numerous problems with addons.

Ensure you have installed the FS9.1 patch from the MS website.

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