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Hi Pete

Is it possible to set for example offset 564D .1

through FSUIPC.

Does .1 mean a value ?

I want to define a key. When I push the key I want

to set for example offset 564D .1

Do I have to use the option Offset Byteset from FSUIPC?

The parameter is that where I have to write the value?

I need to do the same for example offset 5610 1 ?

Does 1 mean here bit ?

Which option in FSUIPC do I have to use to set that?

Thanks for helping


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Hi Gilles

564D .1 means Offset 564D Bit 1, Bits are from 0 to 7

5610 1 means Offset 5610 1 Byte length

If you want to set 564D Bit 1 (564D .1) in FSUIPC with a Key use in "Key Presses" i.e. "Offset Byte Setbits" or "Offset Byte Clrbits" to set or reset a Bit.

For Offset 5610 1Byte length you would need "Offset Byte Set" to set a value.

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