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  1. Hi, you will find couple of Offsets you can use and write i.e. a Lua script using the ones they suit most. You will find as well more Offsets for Acceleration (positive and negative) over the X, Y and Z axis in ft/sec/sec Thomas
  2. Hi, I don't know if this is any good for PMDG use. It does it of course to the default control, depending on what PMDG is using ... Thomas
  3. Hi, as John already pointed out, those Offsets are not supported before P3Dv4. Thomas
  4. Hi, if you create profiles for the different AC and type series of AC, then only the one is used what you created it for. Assigned axis, buttons, keys or functions are not stolen from P3D, they are with FSUIPC assigned to FS/ P3D. BUT for this you need to have switch Controls in FS/ P3D to OFF, under Controls and in P3D the bottom Others. Thomas
  5. Hi, your second post in another Sub Forum has been deleted. Change this setting in FSUIPC INI file to Yes [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=Yes Thomas
  6. Hi, just make copies of the file and name it to your needs, do the changes for the specific aircraft or series of aircrafts you want to use it for. Then use the method below, described in FSUIPC Advanced manual page 40 (see below). Thomas
  7. Hi, XPUIPC has nothing to do with FSUIPC. It is a solution to emulate WideFS and WideClient without any internal additional functionality. I t was designed as a bridge for those to connect software depending for communication with XPlane as it would be FSX/P3D. The developer stopped working on that, he worked under the name "tosi". In case it can only be used for XPlane and as said has nothing to do with FSUIPC or WideFS, you might find for sure answers on their Forum rather than here where very mostly everything is in relataion to Mickrosoft FS/ FSX / FSX-SE and LM's Prepar3D. Thomas
  8. Hi, first of all you would need to send some more information, unaltered files. FSUIPC5,log / FSUIPC5.ini and FSUIPC5.JoyScan.csv Thomas
  9. Hi, please check your poti is correct connect.that the sonsor pin of the poti is really connect to the center pin on the board. Outer poti pins got to postive (+) and negative (-). Thomas
  10. Hi, It is in relation to the FDS-FC1 (same is true for Bodnar cards). It means those with cards you have to connect your potis starting on the first port and then with the second, but never leave one free in between to poti connections. If you do leave one free in between or start not to connect on the first port then the behaviour of the card in relation to see the axis correct is very unstable. Thomas
  11. Hi, 1. FSUIPC gets its Controller info from Windows but handles up to 32 buttons of a controller, even if it has more 32 is the max 2. PMDG is a add-on AC that uses their own controls to make thinks work. For that they have as well a SDK and you will find in FSUIPC manual, installed in \Modules\ FSUIPC Documents\ folder, please check those. It describes as well that to use those controls in PMDG settings you need to activate their SDK use. 3. FSUIPC6 doesn't handle that different. As said you need to reed a bit in the supplied manuals, all installed already and as well searching here on the forum how to set up PMDG functions will result in lots of examples. Thomas
  12. Hi, make a copy of the FSUIPC5.ini file and rename it to FSUIPC6.ini, that's all. Is desvtibed as well in FSUIPC manuals. Thomas
  13. Hi, did you calibrate the axis in Windows correct, not just seen? Without calibration in Windows first it will not work correct. Did you start connection the axes to use from the first port of the device on, non unused ports in-between? Thomas
  14. Hi, please send your FSUIPC6.log and FSUIPC6.ini files unaltered as they are after short session fully closed. As well activate on Logging Tap in FSUIPC Button and Key operation and as well Events (non axis controls). Thomas
  15. Hi, again works as well correct with Joystick button to the control and FSUIPC608, latest. This is of course tested with stock P3Dv5 aircraft, as add-on aircraft might behave different. When activate in FSUIPC Logging tab the Events (non axis controls) you can see if the control was correct sent. Thomas
  16. Hi;, when saying it's the CD version, did you install SP2 (Service Pack 2 for FSX) as well for that? Thomas
  17. Hi;, first have a look in FSX's \Modules\ folder where FSUIPC is installed for the FSUIPC4.log file. It might be already produced and gives some info. If it was produce then please copy and paste its content to your message here. A problen can be a corrupt WX weather file that's corrupt or the usual wxstationlist.BIN file you need to delete, it will be recreated on FSX start, located in C:\Users\YOU-NAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\ In addition you can add to your FSUIPC.ini file in ..\Modules\ folder the following line under the [General] section to prevent FSX loding weather forced by FSUIPC NoWeatherAtAll=Yes To make sure you use the latest installer, it will be FSUIPC4.975, this is the download link Install FSUIPC4.975 as it includes the installation as well for the FSX-SE Beta version. Which version of FSX-SE did you install, FSX-SE or FSX-SE Beta? Thomas
  18. Hi, that works correct in P3Dv5 with exactly the control you named. Make sure the Key you assign is not used for maybe a different view or any other in P3D itself. Thomas
  19. Hi, just looked at your INI file that shows that the Dialog window is positioned far of the screen, 5271 pixel to the left of the primary screen OptionsDialogOffset=-5271, -10 Just open the FSUIPC6.ini file with a text editor and change that line i.e. to OptionsDialogOffset=100, 100 You will find that line within the [General] section in the last lines of that section Thomas
  20. Hi, in earlier times that happened special with AMD graphics cards or older Nvidia drivers. In that case you had to go out of full screen mode to windowed mode before entering the panel. Thomas
  21. Hi, I see the fsuipc.com page wasn't updated yet, please download from the link below, it should show you the correct current version 4.975 Install FSUIPC4.975 Thomas
  22. Hi Arrow, all log files you show here are still related to FSUIPC4.974 but the latest is FSUIPC4.975. I see the fsuipc.com page wasn't updated yet, please download from the link below and run the installer again, it should show you the correct current version 4.975 Install FSUIPC4.975 Thomas
  23. Hi, on installation it ask/shows you where it will install and you can change that to your needs. If you don't change it it will install into the displayed folder. Please check the installation PDF that comes within the Installer ZIP file. Thomas
  24. Hi, make sure you don't run the installer in a folder that is within a secured windows folder like "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" Thomas
  25. Hi, which specific Windows version are you using please. Version number and Build number please from Windows Settings-->System-->About If it is Windows 10 you use it might look like this Thomas
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