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FSX & FSUIPC Visibility

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I'd be interested to know this too. One of my favourite aspects of FSUIPC has always been the ability to reduce the vis and this, to me, looks more realistic and also increases frame rates. Having just re-purchased the module I can't get the vis changes to work.

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today i installed FSUIPC4, i set the Visibility to 3000/1500/1500/1000 but there is no change in FSX ? Are the visibility changes working in FSX ?

As stated in many places, both here and in the documentation, the Weather facilities in FSX's SimConnect are no working properly yet. The results of trying to change anything in FSX's own weather are almost unpredictable I'm afraid -- I've had some horrible effects trying to change visibilities in particular.

One thing, first, though. If you are not using an external weather program (for which most of the FSUIPC facilities work a bit better), then none of them operate on FS's weather unless you opt for that on the Miscellaneous options page. I had to default that off because of the problems. If you want to experiment do enable it, but please don't expect it all to work, yet. I'm still discussing all this with MS, trying to get SimConnect sorted out.

I'm confident it will all come good in due course, but I do feel FSX was released rather prematurely in many respects, this being one of them.



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