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FSUIPC and FSX Multiplayer

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If this has been answered elsewhere, I apologise for asking again. However, in FS2004 I used FSUIPC, WideFS, and AiBridge to show Multiplayer traffic plus other networked applications in Multiplayer.

I have purchased FSUIPC4 and corresponding WideFS for FSX, but none of these formally-experienced functions work in Multiplayer.


Is anybody know how to make this work? Tks for all input.

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Your question borders on insolence. Not necessary.

Insolence? Do you actually know what it means, as it cannot possibly apply here? Please read it again. I merely asked the obvious question as to how effectively the same post appeared twice, together (which you have answered well), and I pointed out I'd answered in the other one as it was the first I'd seen!

You surely didn't want me to cut and paste the reply here too? What's the matter with you? Your response to my civility is most certainly completely unnecessary and not wanted, thank you very much. I'd rather you not come here again with that sort of attitude.


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I'd rather you not come here again with that sort of attitude.

I'll second that!

Since it appears useful assistance is not in abundance anyway

Useful help is in abundance, but it's a 2-way deal. You have to put in an effort by looking for the answer yourself before asking busy people to dedicate time to answer it. People have better things to do than do someone's searching for them.

That the point of having forums for support instead of e-mail.


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