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FS9.1 with FSuipc 3.7 and FSnavigator 4.7

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are there known problems with a registered Fsupic 3.7 and the fsNavigator 4.7 ????

Nothing known to me. FSUIPC and FSNav have nothing to do with each other., and I know lots of folks using both with no problem.

if both dll's are in the modules-folder, my FS9.1 quits after complete loading with a black screen and the MS-standard-error-window.

What are the details (you can access more, like the Module name and address by asking for them in that Window). Usually such problems are caused by video driver interactions in FS, and they are often very timing sensitive -- the loading of both FSNav and FSUIPC may simply be showing up a problem that is lurking anyway. FS9.0 was very prone to these sorts of problems, but 9.1 did clear most of them.

Is there anything about any problems in the FSNav support place?

You could try delaying FSUIPC's start-up -- add an InitDelay parameter line to the [General] section in FSUIPC.INI. For instance


delays FSUIPC's start-up by 5 seconds after FS loads it. By default there is no delay. The units are milliseconds.

Oh, also try the latest interim version of FSUIPC, 3.709, available above, just in case the small differences in it help.



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