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Classic Flight Motion Drive 3 software and FS2004

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:( Has any installed and had any sucess running software from http://www.classicflight.co.uk/? I have completed a motion base that uses their Motion Drive 3 software and GE marketing hardware. So far no luck in making it work :(

Does their driver use FSUIPC? What is the name of their program? Is your FSUIPC user registered?

If you'd like me to check, try again, then close FS2004 and show me the FSUIPC.LOG file (you'll find it in the FS Modules folder).



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Here is the log per your request. My FSUIPC is registered!!! :D

First off, the Log shows that you have some Gauge or other DLL trying to use FSUIPC the wrong way. This is shown by these lines:

6016 Client Application: "fs9" (Id=1548)

6016 C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\fs9.exe

6016 Product="Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 - A Century of Flight"

I don't know what it is, but it could be interfering. I suspect it to be a gauge in the aircraft loaded by your default flight, "ord.flt". Do you think you could load FS2004, change the default flight to one using a default aircraft, then close FS again please?

The log then shows that a program called "MotionDrive302.exe" connected. Unfortunately you did not close FS2004 before zipping the Log. The closing is important too. Also I notice you are using version 3.65 of FSUIPC. The earliest supported version is 3.70.

Som please do these things:

1. Download the currently supported latest version of FSUIPC, 3.709, from the Announcements above, and put that into the FS Modules folder.

2. Run FS2004, go to the FSUIPC Options, Logging page, and enable IPC Read and Write logging. Turn ALL other Logging off please. I only want IPC reads and IPC writes.

3. Run your MotionDrive program. See it not working, but don't run it too long in case of a gigantic log file.

4. Close FS2004. Find the FSUIPC.LOG in the Modules folder, ZIP it and send it to petedowson@btconnect.com. Please do not attach it to a reply here.



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