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Case statements in GFDisplay

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I've configured an RP48 in FSUIPC to use an encoder and button to operate the SB3 transponder using offsets: Encoder for mode, x7b91 and Button for ident, x7b93. I then used GFDiaplay to flash the button's LED when x7b93 was activated.

The ideal beheavior is to have the LED turn on (steady) when the transponder is in mode C, Flash during ident and return to Steady. I think this is possible with the case statements disucssed in the manual but I am unsure how to proceded.

Can someone please share a similar code-snippet with me?

- Chris

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:D With a little more study and experimentation, I was able to solve the problem by adding two items to the conditions list and then modifying my code.


49=X7B91 U8 =0 ; SB3 Transponder mode C

50=X7B93 U8 =1 ; SB3 Transponder IDENT active


Needs=E B


L7.1=!C50 X7B91 U8 =0; SB3 Transponder mode C

L7.2=C49 X7B93 U8 !=0 Ff4off; SB3 Transponder IDENT active

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