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OK here goes.

Newbe to this site looking for help with best setup for FS9. :?

I have (3)Three PCs. (3)Three 19" CRT flatron monitors. (2) Two 17" TFTs and (1)One 12" Touchscreen monitor.

PC1 3.2gig. 1gig ram. X800 Graphics card Duel out. Win XP Media

PC2 2.8gig. 1gig ram 9800 Graphics card duel out. Win XP Media

PC3 2.4gig 512mb ram. 5600 Graphics card dual out. Win XP Media

CH yoke. CH Throttle Quadrant. CH Pro Pedels


MCP, 2xButton Panel, 2xToggle Panel, Under carraige-Flaps Panel,Radio Panel, Com1 Panel.

Licenced FSUICP+WIDEFS. I would like to use WIDEVIEW for outside views.

I thought PC1 Could have all the USB GoFlight panels fitted via a 8way usb hub. Front view via FS9 on CRT1. Touch Screen Montor running CDU ?. WideView. FSUIPC.

PC2 FS9 Left Front View on CRT2. Right Front View on CRT3. WideView. FSUIPC

This is where Im stuck.

PC3 FreeFD Gauges using TFT1, TFT2 WideFS Client. The problem is when I try to run wideFS Serever with PC1 and I get a conflict with wideView.

If you can think of a solution to this problem then please respond. Any information would be very greatful.

Regards Shrain

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PC3 FreeFD Gauges using TFT1, TFT2 WideFS Client. The problem is when I try to run wideFS Serever with PC1 and I get a conflict with wideView.

You don't mean WideFS server surely. WideServer is a DLL run inside FS. You presumably mean WideClient.

The conflict won't be with WidevieW, because WidevieW needs to run in FS. You must have FS running to run WidevieW.

WideClient is run on a PC where you are NOT running FS. You cannot run WideClient and FS on the same PC. You are missing the whole point of WideFS! Please read the important notes on the first page of the WideFS dpcumentation about what WideFS is.

WidevieW connects multiple FS installations. wideFS connects NON-FS clients to an FS server.

If you want to use external Gauge programs, just run them. They'll connect directly to FSUIPC on the FS on that PC. Though since you have FS running there you could use FS's own gauges, couldn't you?



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