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OFFSET 4.03 for FSX

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you can show me the right FSUIPC 4.03 offset for

Offsets don't change from version to version, hopefully. Especially rather standard ones -- they would have been the same back in FS98 days! New ones are added but old ones don't dile easily ;-)

The current version of FSUIPC4 is 4.05, by the way.

N1 button ---- there isn't one exactly, but TO/GA is the closest you'll get: 080C.

ALT HOLD Button ---- A/P altitude lock, 07D0

LNAV, VNAV button ---- no such thing in the default 737, they left those off. Where are you looking? FS doesn't provide these functions by default.


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I have serr LNAV and VNAV ( vertical navigation ) in 373NG Pannel cause after i have make my MCP based on 737NG ! Can I substitute these VNAV and LNAV with NAV1 button ?

Not really. The NAV button is the same as the LOC (sometimes VOR/LOC) button on a real MCP -- it captures the NAV1 radial set in the pilot's CRS window.

Those more advanced cockpits which provide proper LNAV and VNAV fiunctions do so by sophisticated programming inside the cockpit coding (in the gauges usually), and both functions need a programmable FMS (with CDU and data entry keyboard) because it is the FMS which provides the data guiding the Lateral and Verical courses.

If you use something like the PMDG 737NG you should be able to program all your MCP buttons to operate their buttons, but I think you have to do that using keystrokes unless you come to some arrangement with them for their SDK.

You could use it with Project Magenta software (http://www.promagenta.com) because all of the PM MCP functions are accessible through FSUIPC offsets -- documentation on their website lists them in some detail.



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NAV/GPS Switch ( for NAV or GPS ) and

C/O PushButton ( for IAS/MACH)

you can send me the offsets ?

Why not use the search facility in Word or WordPad to find these things in the documentation? I have to do it for you? I searched on GPS and immediately found "NAV/GPS switch" at 132C. Do you think I remember all these? I have to search just like you could! :-(

There is no C/O pushbutton control or state. The display shows IAS when IAS control is selected, MACH when MACH control is selected, via the standard A/P offsets. The FS gauges to actually change the display without the mode being selected, but that is a local function in the gauge, not in the FS A/P.


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Sorry , I'm very sorry Pete but I don't know search facility ...

Where can I found search facility ? Its a guide ?

How do you view the documentation? Nearly every program in which you can view my documents there's a search facility. Often you press CTRL+F and say what you want to search for.

Surely you've used an editor before and searched for words?


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