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Virtual Airline double threat Addon and web based app

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Hi Pete, Hi Everyone!

I'm a PHP web programmer and basicly new to Virtual Airlines and this forum. I've been flying with FsPassenger for almost two months now and just find its downfals to be too much.

I think ultmatly I would like to have an addon to fs that communicates with a web based VA. I have a list of ideas I've started at my own forum. here http://www.ur2.biz/smf/index.php?topic=5.0

Because my skils are PHP, ColdFusion (server side web programming) with a little Java consoul programming returning output back to a web app... I'm kinda looking for some advice to get started building what would be my first windows program. I've already learned from reading your forum that I want to make a Module for FS. But what language should I use? Is there one that will work better as a module for FS? I know building this type of app I will have to learn new programming skills and syntax (Unless someone wants to help) then build the web based VA application (that I know I can do) to manage the VA.

Ultimately what I'd like to see a software that gets installed as an addon to Flight Simulator that produces the detailed reporting and communications of FsACARS paired with an addon like FsPassenger that provides keyboard shortcuts, sturdiest, emergencies, screaming passengers, everything that can happen on a plain giving rich dynamic game play. The addon will have control over your flight simulator with AI traffic, weather, fuel and payload and simulating emergencies such as an engine failure. It would be nice if it could provide an easy interface to turn your routs into AI traffic. It should make a connection to the VAs website download the flight the pilot is making... The download would set up the entire flight! Time, weather conditions, flight plan etc. The VA and pilots then use the web to logon and watch flight real time, manage company, purchase aircraft, hire pilots crew administration maintenance personnel, staff levels effect ticket sales, passenger satisfaction and aircraft

failure levels etc... AND because the knee board is basically a browser you could have chat, flight plans, charts, your whole VA to manage on those long flights right from within fs. The communication between the installed addon and the web based VA's site is key exchanging data with XML or some type.

I know this is a tall order but I'm inspired to go outside of my comfort zone in learning something new unless there is a VB programmer that would like to partner in making something like this???

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I've already learned from reading your forum that I want to make a Module for FS.

Bear in mind that an FS module cannot be run on a separate PC on a Network, over, for example, WideFS. This is my only problem with FSNavigator, for example -- I would be a keen user it it would only run across a Network, but it is an FS module, unnecessarily so, I think in this case.

But what language should I use? Is there one that will work better as a module for FS?

Modules are most easily built upon the basis of the Microsoft panels SDK for FS2002 or before, and that revolves entirely around C. C++ is okay but exports would have to be pure C types, and some of the other stuff would need C parentheses. I have heard of folks managing to make FS DLLs using Delphi, but I don't think this would be a beginner's route -- not that C/C++ programming is for beginners, of course.

For an external program (EXE), Visual Basic or Delphi are fine and if you are beginning programming I would have thought this would be your preferred route.

You may like to visit more FS programming-oriented forums, like the one that I think exists in Avsim.



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