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I tried out FSUIPC 4.07 today and found more stutters as

before (4.067) on my remote pc.

I use FSX on main computer with Projectmagenta on remote computers.

Were there any changes to the wideserver module?

No, as you can read in the History document, none at all. In fact there have been very few changes between 4.067 and 4.07 in any case outside of the user facilities. If anything there has been a small improvement in performance according to testers, due to the removal of some constraints originally placed on SimConnect (the third item in the list of changes).

Can you quantify what you actually mean by "stutters"? There should be no stutters whatsoever over WideFS. Any such would almost always be due to specific networking difficulties or problems on the clients themselves. Maybe you are trying to drive the clients too fast? What sort of frame rates are recorded in the WideServer and WideClient logs?

If you want to try re-imposing constraints on SimConnect, which would possibly slow FS down a little and just possibly make the client look better by comparison ;-) , add "UseEpsilon=Yes" to the [General] section of the FSUIPC4.INI file -- then as far as WideFS is concerned it will become identical to 4.067. This also filters out some of the changes which should allow smoother updating of PM gauges, so it is a double-edged sword.

Incidentally, what do you have your frame rate limiter in FSX set to? It should be slightly lower than your average frame rate for best smoothness in FSX, and the same smoothness should then relate to clients.



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