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Greetings and salutations to all and of course, Pete Dowson. I felt compelled to post because I have finally purchased my key (5 days ago). Being a natural 'Cheapskate' this decision took 3 years and have navigated the 'learning curve' so that I can now report that FSUIPC has successfully and completely solved all of the Joystick problems I previously experienced with FS9.

I'm not a M$ knocker and I absolutely love their product but FSUIPC has enhanced the experience, immeasurably. The 'Masterstroke', IMHO is the Tiller/Rudder control. FSUIPC direct, of course but if THAT was all FSUIPC was capable of, it would still be worth the outlay. I have spent many Man Days porking around with joystick calibration and that bleeding rudder control in FS9 and in one fell blow, FSUIPC just made everything work.

I'm still learning the many other capabilities of the program. The Pan and Tilt controls had me a little puzzled at first with the POV Hat Switch but after logically going through the assignments it's a go'er. Now it's back to assigning more functions and continuing on my journey up the learning curve. Thank you very much, Pete, for an excellent program.


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