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I have not flown the sim for over a year, thats why I am in a software time worm hole. Of course I would pay for FSX and your software, if the day ever comes that I win the lottery.

So now I have it all down and straight:

1. I will delete all goflight software and then reload, per goflight's orders.

2. Upgrade all builds and software from you and PM.

3. Since I will be using for a while FS2004, only use FSUIPC for FS2004 and not FSUIPC4 which is for FSX.

4. If nothing still works, set sim on fire and try another hobby.

Randy :P

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How could you have forgotten me so fast. Check my "old" posts just a few clicks down. I thought it better to post anew, so you would see it.

I read threads. Threads can make some sense, follow a sort of logical process. Each new thread is just that to me, a new thread. See how big this Forum is? Look at how many threads I've answered and dealt with? Random messages appearing in a new thread making no sense are really just a waste of time. Please keep in thread in future. I am not going to try and search down to relate a new thread to an old one, especially one with such an uninformative subject heading as this! And I'm not going to try to remember and match poster's names either. I really do have other things to do occasionally, you know.

Well I will report back after I reload GOFlight Remote.

If you like, but I know nothing at all about this "GoFlight Remote". You'd be better off talking to GoFlight folks I think.



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