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Can I download the users manual for FSUIPC4 somewhere?

I ordered the program via simmarket but I want to start reading the manual already before the program wil be dilivered.

Erwhen you "ordered the program via SimMarket", all you did was pay for a 12-character access Key. The program itself is downloadable from http://www.schiratti.com/dowson whether you make an order or not. SimMarket do not supply the package itself, and you don't get anything delivered at all -- in fact I think you have to go and collect your Key from your Account page at SimMarket..

It does actually tell you this on the SimMarket order page.

You could have installed it, read the manual etc etc before you paid for a Key to access the additional user features.



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Thank you Pete for the answer.

I didn't know that it works that way and ofcourse I downloaded the program and have the key received from them already.


The website from Simmarket is not very clear about it.

Really? It seems clear to me: this is directly from the FSUIPC4 page:

1. DOWNLOAD LATEST PRODUCT FILES AT http://www.schiratti.com/dowson


3 . Personal Registration Key will be generated upon purchase, an email is sent ONLY ONCE to your email address used to order.

You can find your key on record in your order listing in your user account online anytime.

Your Key is valid for ALL Version 4 updates!

(My emboldening)

Other than using a huge font for the word "Download", what would you suggest would make it any clearer? It has stood the test of time without any problems -- one year for FSUIPC3 but over 4 years for FSUIPC3 and WideFS6.



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