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Seeking tips to run Dual CH Yokes

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I have a full size Learjet 45 flight sim and have two CH Yokes connected to the powered usb hub. Initially I didnt detect any problems or spikes, but then after moving the sim and setting it up again, I have some aggravating issues where I can calibrate the yokes but I still get spiking even after checking the Eliminate Spikes button. However, when I disconnect the FO's yoke, all is well again.

I have just read thru the CH Controls w/ FSUIPC document here and I think I will follow the example of disabling the yoke in FS9, and assigning axis' in FSUIPC and see if that helps, as it seems that I have read that this is totally possilbe to have two yokes connected at once.

Thanks for any pointers or advice, and for a great software.


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I have read that this is totally possilbe to have two yokes connected at once.

There are multiple control facilities provided in FSUIPC. You can actually assign both in FSUIPC's axis assignments, but I would be concerned that they may interfere which one another unless they are very stable indeed.

The specific facilities for multiple controls depend upon using FS axis controls, rather than "direct to FSUIPC" assignment, and assigning the 2nd set to a different otherwise unused set of FS controls. For instance the first would have Aileron and Elevator as normal, but the second might be Mixture 2 and Mixture 3. You have to look up the control numbers for those (in the Controls Lists I provide) and edit parameters in the FSUIPC INI file to tell FSUIPC that these controls are for the second set.

Doing it this way solves the interference problems. FSUIPC takes the maximum deflection of the two controls and ignores the other.

You want to try and achieve identical calibration in Windows Game Controllers first, as you can only calibrate one of the pair in FSUIPC. If they are wildly different there could be some odd problems.

There are sections about all this in the documentation I provide.



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Thanks Pete

Actually, last night I went to the sim and went in and assigned the axis' per the CH Yoke instruction .pdf here and it seems that it works great now after disabling the controls in FS9. I had no spikes at all that I could detect visually or in flight. You mentioned "using FS axis controls, rather than "direct to FSUIPC" assignment" and although I did use Direct to FSUIPC, it's working really well. If I get any more issues, I will go back and use the FS axis controls and try that.

I really do appreciate your help, and it was nice to use 'Slope' for the brakes- they work much better now! I had never did any axis work in FSUIPC all this time I had it except for assigning various levers to spoilers and reversers.


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