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thrust assignment Goflight GF-TQ6 with 4 engins airplanes

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I want to assign lever 1 of GF-TQ6 to work with both engin 1 and 2,

lever 2 to work with both engin 3 and 4

Is this possible?

Yes, with a registered FSUIPC. It is covered in the User Guide. Easiest way is to assign your Engine 1 and Engine 2 throttles in FS, then go to FSUIPC's "Joystick Calibrations" options, find the page with 4 throttles (page 3), calibrate your #1 and #2 properly (following the steps in the user guide), and then check the option on the right saying "Map 1->12, 2->34".

The mapping only applies when you have a 3 or 4 engined aircraft. For a 1 or 2 engined one you will still get the normal FS arrangement. The change is done automatically in FSUIPC which detects the number of engines.

Note that calibration on this page gives you a reverse thrust zone on the axes. If you don't want that you will need to set the idle zone and the reverse value such that they share one of the joystick "INPUT" values, so that reverse can never be engaged. For example -16384 in the "Reverse" box, "-16384" and "-15234" in the pair of Idle values. The two idle values need to be different to give you a defined place for Idle, with no jitter. With one of those values the same as he Reverse value you get no reverse zone at all.



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