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Mouse Elevator Trim Wheel

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All I can say is brilliant! However, is there a way to alter the sensitivity/travel. It seems like I have to scroll for a million years for it to adjust pitch?

Well, that's the idea, really -- trim wheels should give you very tiny amounts of trim change at a time. The movement is based on the WHEEL_DELTA set in Windows, but it does accumulate if you keep "spinning" it.

The only easy way for me to make it faster is to make each click of the wheel send multiple TRIM UP/TRIM DOWN controls to FS, instead of just the one, and really that would lessen its value as a really sensitive trim for accurate trimming. I would have thought if your trim was so far out you should use some other method first? You might want to visit the FS2004 Forum and discuss trimming there with Francois -- it was a thread in that Forum which got this idea started.

Theoretically FS should be accelerating the change in any case after a few changes -- have you by any chance got the "fix control acceleration" option set? With some of the add-on aircraft that may be preventing it accelerating, which is possibly why you have a problem.

If you keep the NumPad trim keys pressed (1 or 7), doesn't the wheel in the panel change at the same speed as when using the mouse? It does seem to here, at least with default aircraft.


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Hmmm...I'll give your suggestions a try. I only use the default FSX Learjet. I will have to see if there are those options available..and see if i can find the trim wheel in the panel. Thanks for your help.

In FSX the trim wheel is usually part of the throttle quadrant graphic, Shift 4.


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