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please help for bank angle (Solved)

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dear pete and all developers

i want to read bank angle offset with delphi i read someting but i need some format for this value

my code is this

function TFSUIPC.GetBankAngle: Real;
  deger : Integer;
  rDeger : Real;
  FSUIPC_Read($057C, 4, @deger, dwResult);
  if FSUIPC_Process(dwResult) then
    rDeger := deger * 360 / (65536.0 * 65536.0);
    Result := rDeger;
  end else
    Result := 5;

and return value is this


im not good numeric value formating with delphi i want to this result someting like this

20 degrees 10 degrees etc.

thank you for all helps

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rDeger := deger * 360 / (65536.0 * 65536.0);

At which stage is your compiler converting the integer in "deger" to floating point? If this is AFTER the multiplication by 360 you are likely to lose most of the value though overflow!


rDeger = deger; // Convert to floating ponit

rDeger = (rDeger * 360.0) / (65536.0 * 65536.0); // convert to degrees


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