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Turning on VS Mode of 55X autopilot using FSUIPC

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I am using offset 0x7F2 to set the Auto pilot vs but the bug doesn't get updated and I don't know how to engage vs?

Any Ideas???

No idea what the "55X" is (is that an add-on aircraft -- for which, FS2004 or FSX?), but usually the VS will reset itself to zero if the altitude it is supposed to gain is the one already reached. You probably need to set a target altitude, then set the VS value. Not sure about the VS mode itself, I don't think the default A/P has more than one vertical mode, so there's not a lot of difference between FLCH and V/S -- you adjust the V/S yourself or leave it to the default (like 1800 fpm).

If you really do mean a sophisticated add-on aircraft with its own autopilot, then you'll need to check its documentation for its way of handling things. I doubt that it takes note of default A/P values such as those supported by FSUIPC.


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It is an Eaglesoft Cirrus SR22 G2 model and I am refering to the 55X STEC autopilot.... If that helps.

Sorry I don't know it. You will want to talk to Eaglesoft support I think. However, I doubt if they use FSUIPC offsets if they've implemented their own A/P.

I've still no idea whether you are talking about FSX or FS2004 or even FS98, nor which version of FSUIPC, so if you do come back for more, please do state a little more detail.



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