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Pete ,

Would be possible to have in FSUIPC , in "Keys" , something like you have in " Buttons" related to keep the key pressed ?

This means to use the keys of a hacked keyboard connected to a toggle switch , without the key remaining repeating .



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Would be something like " do not repeat while held ". This in " Keys ".

Actually, it isn't under my control. Unlike buttons (which don't auto-repeat -- it is FSUIPC adding that facility), key presses sent through Windows are auto-repeated by Windows. I would have to somehow ignore messages from Windows telling me a key has been pressed again (WM_KEYDOWN). I really don't want the complication of keeping a record of which keys were already down without a WM_KEYUP message -- it is Windows job to see to all of that.

However, there is a "previous key state" flag provided with WM_KEYDOWN. I'll have a look at how that behaves, to see if I can use it at all. If it shows when a repeated KEYDOWN is sent, then maybe I can add the option.


Yes, you are in luck! That flag does tell me whether it is a repeat or not, so i can add the facility. Look out for it on the next version.(s).



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