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Offset for Changing Stand-by Frequency

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I am using GFDisplay to control my GF166 radio modules. I can only find offsets for changing the active frequencies. Are there similar offsets for changing the stand-by frequencies?

Of course. How have you looked? A simple search using the word "standby" reveals these straight-away:

311A COM1 standby frequency

311C COM2 standby frequency

311E NAV1 standby frequency

3120 NAV2 standby frequency

Even searching for "frequency" would find them. Please do use the search facility in your word processor. It does make life easier!


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Thanks for the quick reply. I know those offsets. What I want to be able to do is change the stand-by frequency before making it active i.e. similar to what added offsets 1030-1045 does for Com1 etc... only, do it to the stand by frequency.

The offsets I listed ARE where you write the standby frequencies before making them active! That's what is meant by "STANDBY" frequency!! You can write new values there and they are placed into the standby frequency which is the standby frequency shown before you make it active. How many other standby frequencies do you think there are? There's just one for each radio, not many!

There are no offsets 1030-1045 except as part of the path and filename reading facility which occupies offsets 0FF0 through to 115D, inclusive.

I think you must be totally confused. Maybe you are referring to the added FSUIPC controls 1030-1045, which are never used by those numbers but by their names in the drop-down Buttons and Keys assignments list, like "Com1 use whole inc" etc. All of those added INC/DEC controls were provided only because the ones provided by FS only operate on the standby frequency. Obviously it is not necessary for FSUIPC to add new controls to do the exact same thing as controls FS already provide. Please just use the FS ones, the same ones you can assign in FS.

If it is these controls you are referring to, then I've no idea why you are using FSUIPC control numbers and so wrongly calling them "offsets", when their only use is for encoding button and key parameters in the INI file -- you should be using the drop-down assignments by name. That is why they all have names.

For FS's own controls, refer to the complete list of FS controls supplied separately.



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Maybe I am confused...Cold you please give me an example of a line in the INI file under the [buttons] section that would change the value (and I mean the frequency i.e. from 118.00 to 121.50 etc...) of the stand-by frequency of, say Com1?

Erfirst, why are you editing the [buttons] section of the INI file?

Are you saying you want one button permanently assigned to set a COM1 standby frequency of 121.50? It can be done but I don't see the point. And to do that you'd be using an Offset control with the fixed frequency 121.50 being written to one of the Offsets I listed for you. That can be done more easily and with less errors by assigning the button in the FSUIPC Options, on the Buttons tab. That is what the on-line options are for, to save you all the hassle of editing the INI file. You only need to do the latter to add conditions or multiple actions.

If you genuinely want to do such an odd thing I can certainly explain how, but via the Options dialogue preferably, as that is where you should be doing it.

Otherwise, to get from 118.0 to 121.50 via increments you'd use one or other of the assorted COM1 increment controls supplied by FS itself. They are all assignable also in FSUIPC's dropdowns, for Buttons or Keys, but also most if not all of these FS controls are assignable in FS's own assignments. In FSUIPC the COM1 controls are named "Com radio fract inc", "Com radio fract inc carry", "com radio whole inc". There are decrement versions too. I'm sure you'll find similar descriptions in the FS assignments list as they are all standard FS controls.

Why did you mention "offset" in your title and question? What are you thinking of when you say this word? I think I need to try to understand you before you are going to get close to any answer you are happy with. The level of misunderstanding here seems to go rather deep.



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