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Not Sure If EliteFS.dll Is Pete's Driver. Apologies!

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Need some help if at all possible.

To make simple, I posted earlier on the Elite's forum the following (edited):

"EliteFSX Driver Current Version Issues With Jet Or 'Other' Throttles Quadrants modules [PFC serial TQ Console]"

Hello admin!

Since my last post back in late December last year it seems like we haven't made much progress!

Now, let's get down with some specs on the EliteFsx driver.


Is there any special reason yet to absolutely proceed this way or only for 'USB' users or this is just too old? (BTW I'm serial's) [PFC serial TQ Console]

2- On the Elite Hardware Configuration Program, from left to right, Main - Flight Controls - FC Calibration pages: everything looks pretty well and quite sufficient for all types of aircraft.

Next tab; Power Quadrant: a) Select the engine type "I select Jet" - b) Select # of engines "I select Twin" - c) Select the quadrant type you have "I select Twin engine quadrant (would prefer to use my jet quadrant: [spoiler-/-throttle-throttle-/-reverse], an option I would like to see since it can be use with any 6-lever quadrant with a freedom of levers assignment); whether Elite doesn't sell a specific jet quadrant! Hopefully you're following me so far. Just trying to make it as clear as I can in short. On the bottom of the page: Power Lever Assignment "So I select Throttle/Trottle/-/-/Cut off/Cut off. With the above settings, let's move on:

Following tab; PQ Calibration: "On the Power Quadrant calibration screen you will be able to calibrate your power quadrant (SEL,

MEL, or KING)". Unfortunately still no Jet! But even tho we selected on the previous page (PQ) Throttle/Trottle/-/-/Cut off/Cut off, somehow on the present page (PQ Calibration) we don't ever see what we're logically supposed to have for calibrating accordingly: i.e. Throttle /none / Cut off as earlier selected instead of always the same layout of Throttle / RPM / Mixture, despite whatever the selection on lever assignment done on previous page. And for verification purpose, I tried going back to that previous PQ page and also noticed that any selection made on here does not hold once you move to another page. All changes revert to default. This is the only page on the program with such a particular issue. I guess normally it has to hold all the changes made like do all the other pages before you hit 'OK' under any page for saving your configuration once satisfied!

On the other hand, Avionics and Pro Panels pages are just fine. In general, no problems there. (Many buttons however won't work by default with specially keyed panels for some add-on aircrafts; understandbly).

Once back in FSX, this what I found: (Remember I am using a Jet airplane 737-800 default or Level D 767-300)

- On the throttles, everything seems to have been calibrated as the King Air throttle quadrant witch has detent for thrust reverser. (I don't want that as I'm not using a KA quadrant and did not by mistake calibrate the detent for reverse). But when I pull back my throttles now and feel the bump to idle the reverse thrust is engaged and the spoilers automatically deployed. Same inconvenience at startup while sitting on the ground as you do have throttles at idle on the parking or firstly right after loading FS with a jet plane. Rather odd! That's one of the good reasons I'd like to use a Jet quadrant with separate lever for spoilers to the most left; throttle levers in the most middle for twin jet engines; separate lever for thrust reverse for the most right...

When it comes to fuel cut off since this is the selection I am left with for the moment or 'til now with this driver as described before, in both airplanes the behavior remains exactly the same. Meaning, when I close the right lever (i.e. cut off) the right engine shuts off but the fuel cut off switch on the pedestal in the cockpit does not move to the off position at all. Then when I close the left lever (i.e. cut off) the left engine does NOT shut off and identically the fuel cut off switch in the cockpit does not follow the input position whatsoever. This is all for the life of me very bizarre for the least!

And, if you try to use the option "Others" on the type of engine to select, you won't ever be able to get even the only two choices presented to you working for freedom of levers assignment for calibration. (This driver ever and always bounds to calibrate the first 2 levers from the left on the TQ as engine throttles whatever the aircraft or choice of option "Others" and wherever your physical throttles on the TQ are really located).

There are also mislabeled "L Cut-Off / L Cut-Off" instead of "L Cut-Off / R Cut-Off" on the TQ page while choosing "Others".

On the pedals also, sometimes while taxiing and trying to brake to slow down when necessary the "differential brakes" indicates on the screen and stays still forcing the plane to a complete stop. You must first set parking brake then release it to make the "differential brakes" indication desappear and have the aircraft moving again. Annoying and unrealistic...

In conclusions:

- For the better of the driver, could we finally get an 'upgrade' or correctly updated and configured program with an option for the jet quadrant with spoilers - throttles - reversers assignment? And basically the full option of levers assignment in relation to the type of aircraft and engines in use?

- Why does PQ page not hold changes made while switching between pages before saving? Again, PQ page needs also to be in sync with PQ Calibration page for each different configuration initiated on the PQ page.

- Does every quadrant calibrate as the King Air one if using a jet plane with automatic spoilers/reversers whenever throttles are at full idle (even at a stop or with speeds below 60kts)? (This is rather inadequate as without appropriate mechanical detent on the quadrant it appears to be critical in flight since you can't just fully idle back to bump-stop your throttles (no KA tq with mechanical detent) as quickly as possible in certain phases of flight without engaging fatally the reversers in flight; less so for spoilers or even if the reversers won't ever deploy in flight but so still remain a serious problem on the ground). Am I missing something or is there a way to have the correct calibration or maybe disable option in the program or in MSFS to cancel automatic operation of speedbrakes & reversers past the virtual detent position?

- And last but not least, about the Cut off why does the left one not shut the corresponding engine and do both cut off levers not move their conterpart switches in the cockpit as they should? Like mixture levers rightly so do for props! Again, only right shut off NO left shut off of engines and no movement on both fuel cut off switches in cockpit. Only with mouse to simulate the correct position afterwards.

- As a more useful option that may be added in the driver is to have a tiller setting by using the rudder trim on the ground and speeds under 60kts for steering purposes (ideal for smooth simulation in my opinion) with the trim knob on quadrant consoles...

On the side note I even recently registered my fsuipc in hopes of solving all these issues and sadly without succes meantime.

Hey Calvin, please I know at least you always try your best for us and I dearly appreciate your time and input. Thank you man.

I can't wait to enjoy this hobby to the full extent with the investment made on the hardware and software. At least I thought. If I may, let's get an updated driver.



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Need some help if at all possible.

To make simple, I posted earlier on the Elite's forum the following (edited):


Sorry, I do really know nothing at all about Elite. All my PFC support has been for their equipment operating with PFC's proprietary protocol, not the Elite protocol, which I've never seen. Only Elite support can help you I'm afraid.



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