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Simrate set parameters

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i'm wondering how to program two of my joystick button to set sim rate :

-the first button : set simrate to 8X

-the second button : reset simrate to normal (1X)

You can only do that reliably by using the Offset controls to write directly to FSUIPC offsets.

For information on offset values you need a document found in the FSUIPC SDK, available from the Schiratti website. Here's the entry in the "FSUIPC for Programmers" document for the Sim Rate value (I simply searched on the word "rate" till I found it):

0C1A   2	Simulation rate *256 (i.e. 256=1x)

So, for your needs, the FSUIPC control to be assigned would be:

Offset Word Set (Word because the offset is 2 bytes. 1 byte = Byte, 2 bytes = Word, 4 Bytes = Dword)

with the offset field then set to "x0C1A" (the x tells FSUIPC it is in heXadecimal -- all offsets are known by hexadecimal numbers),

and the parameter field set to:

2048 for 8x (this being 256 x 8 )

256 for 1x



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