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Fsuipc 4 Visibilty

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I'm am interested in getting Fsuipc but was wondering if it is possible to adjust the maximum visibility for FSX with it. What Visibility options does FSUIPC 4 include?

Best peruse the User Guide first It was intended that FSUIPC4 contained the same visibility facilities as FSUIPC3, but as it turned out the ability to do the same is severely restricted by the way FSX works. The visibility options are, in fact, removed from FSUIPC4 by default and only re-introduced by user INI-file option for user experimentation, without guarantee. In my experience they work sometimes, but produce some odd graphics effects at other times.

They would be more successful when used merely as a filter on Weather program inputs (as opposed to attempting to change FSX's own weather), but the major weather program for FSX (ActiveSkyX) does not use FSUIPC4 in any case so the latter does not filter its inputs. However, ASX is supposed to be capable of providing its own limits -- it is just that FSX sometimes defeats these efforts.

All in all, I would say that if your only use for a registration of FSUIPC4 is for visibility control, then don't bother. I wouldn't want you to buy it and then regret it.



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