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FSX view up/down

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In FSX :

CTRL+SHIFT+Q --> brings the view up

CTRL+Q --> brings the view down

Is there FSUIPC Offsets for the same action?

No. Offsets are mainly for VALUES rather than ACTIONS. For most all actions you use CONTROLS. Those keypresses will be translated inside FS into FS controls, then re-sent to itself and obeyed. Keypresses can be re-assigned, so they aren't generally a useful way to refer to things. Find out what controls they are. With FSUIPC (registered or not) this is easy to do -- just enable Event logging (in the Logging tab), operate the keypresses and view the Log file to see what controls it used. You'll find both a control number and a name.

Alternatively use the list of FSX controls installed for you in the FSX Modules folder. It lists names and numbers, in order of both.

You can send any FS controls (and almost all FSUIPC-added controls) via offset 3110. You only need those numbers.



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Tnx for helpful good information.

I tried use 3110 but no good result, my knowledge is not deep enough.

However the solution for my project is your excellent virtual joystick in FSUIPC.

Whit a few lines in Sioc I can control the view up and down with a external key.

This seems to be a good and stable solution.

The project is a captains chair that can be raised or lowered electrically, and then the view must of cause also change.



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