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I can't see window in wide client

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I don't think this is in the right place, so will move it to Pete Dowson's forum...

However, I'm also not sure that you have the right tools to do what you want to anyway. Are you trying to display FS views (i.e. cockpit, or external view) on a different computer? If so, that isn't what WideFS does.

Can you provide more information on what you are trying to do, please?

Ian P.

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Thank you Ian for your time. If I displey any view, I can see it, but only in the server computer, this is my problem. I installed twice the widefs application, following the instructions. Widefs application insn´t for display in client computer any view of the server computer about FS2004? The problem is that the client computer conect right in the "widefsclient window", but nothing more.

I don´t know, if I have to program any keys in the window of FSUIPC. The installation os FS2004 in two computers is the same.

Thank you very much Ian.

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WideFS does not move or display any FS content to your second computer screen. What WideFS is for is installing 3rd party programs on your secondary machine and then communicating with FS which is on your main machine. It looks like you misunderstood what WideFS does or is used for.

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