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FSUIPC Regisration failure

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Could you possibly help with my problem. I purchased FSUIPC some time ago. All was working fine. Have had to reinstall my PC as had corrupt windows.

Have now installed Windows XP with service pack 3. Still using FS9 ACOF. Game functions ok. Have FSUIPC dll in modules folder. When I try to register

fsuipc FS9 freezes. Only alternative is to close via CTRL alt del. Have no other fsuipc dlls in any other folders. Have downloaded latest fsuipc 3.9.

Is there an easy fix or do I have to do a reinstall of FS9?

Thanks for any assistance.

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When I try to register fsuipc FS9 freezes.

There are only a few known causes of that. The most likely is a video driver problem -- if you are running FS in full screen mode, try switching to Windowed mode before going into FSUIPC options (Windowed/Full Screen mode is switched by ALT+ENTER).

Otherwise it will either be another added DLL in the Modules folder -- Actigate.DLL is the usual one, but some folks have had problems with PMDGoptions.DLL too -- or possibly a bad Mouse driver. The Kensington mouse or trackball driver is problematic in this regard. You'd probably have to kill its process using the task manager -- you don't appear to need it in any case.



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Thanks Pete. I have read this in another persons problem below my post. I have the actgate dll as well as many others in the modules folder.

I am currently running in windowed mode not full screen. I will try your suggestion tonight as that seemed to assist the other person.

Thanks again for your time.

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Thanks Pete.

This worked fine. I'm now back to normal. Was the Actigate.dll.

One other question regarding ADV display dll. When i'm operating FS9 Either full screen or windowed mode I have two modules tabs. Is this the

normal case? Or have I inadvertantly setup something incorrectly. The first tab has Actigate then FSUIPC. The second tab has ADV display.

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