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WideFS reporting FS disconnect

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Hi Pete,

I'm working on some external software using FSUIPC to connect to MSFS. In this project I need to know if FS is still running or if it died (or was closed by the user). When the program directly connects to FS, I get that information upon receiving an error when using FSUIPC_Read & Co.. However, using WideFS, when MSFS dies, I simply get erroneous values via FSUIPC_Read/FSUIPC_Process (mostly zeroes); but no error message, as long as WideClient is still running. Is there any way for my program to find out if MSFS died in such a case?



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Is there any way for my program to find out if MSFS died in such a case?

The best way in both cases is to monitor the Activity counter at offset 0x337E, which was invented for just this purpose. Note that you should probably also check 0x3364/3365 to see if there's a good reason for 337E to remain static for any time. In the end a timeout would be the last check assuming 3364/5 remained non-zero with 337E unchanging. When FS is in a modal dialogue nothing else in the process is running so you have to allow many seconds sometimes for user activity in menus.



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