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Are there any next-generation graphics cards that have 3-way output on the card and readily compatible for Wideview?Have been using Wideview since 2003 on 2003 tech based system;i.e,Master tower and center monitor with cross-linked outboard towers and monitors.Latest version of Aces High on-line has forced update of video cards.I am looking to streamline and simlify system wherever possible and was wondering if there was a card on the market that would allow me to delete the outboard towers before I went and invested in a new high-end card AND Matrox Triple-Head-TO-Go module.

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Are there any next-generation graphics cards that have 3-way output on the card and readily compatible for Wideview?

Whilst I am not sure at all why you've posted this question here (WidevieW us by Luciano Napolitano who has his own website, and probably a Support Forum), I know for certain that you can use the Matrox Triplehead to Go add-on adapters with WidevieW. I know this because a well known 747 Captain (Captain Mel Ott, now sadly passed away before his time) had three PCs, all with TripleHead adapters, each PC linked by WidevieW, for a splendid 9-screen surround view stretching nearly the full 180 degrees around his seating position. He used Project Magenta instrumentation on other, lesser, PCs, with their own screens positioned appropriately.

However, I have never seen or heard of a single video card with provides triple outputs other than the sadly now defunct Matrox Parhelia. The TripleHeadToGo adapters seem to have taken over, but at least they can be used with many of the latest and greatest video cards, especially those from nVidia.



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