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No FSUIPC Version number Reported


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I have been a strange problem.

I use Project Magenta with 4 PC and yesterday when I started up all computers nothing worked as usually and not even changed, install, or delete anything... There is no reason!!!

I run a PM file checker and for my surprise I got this announcement.

FSUIPC/WideFS found!

FSUIPC No Version number Reported! Please Check FSUIPC Installation

WideServer Version .002

WideClient Version .002

I delete and reinstalled FSUIPC and WideFS but the problem continued.

Some one have any idea what is going on and how to fix it?



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Some one have any idea what is going on and how to fix it?

There are only three possibilities I can think of:

1. One or both of the Keys you are using for FSUIPC and WideFS is counterfeit, or

2. The signature on the FSUIPC DLL does not check, possibly a corrupt file, or

3. The system date on the FS PC is before the date of your purchase of one or both keys, making them look invalid.

Possibility 3 is the most common and the easiest for you to fix. To check 2 right click on the DLL, select Properties, and find and check the signature to be valid. cuuent versions of FSUIPC are signed by simflight.



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